pre-Christmas Special Sales

In light of the holiday spirit, Revo-cycles are expressing our gratitude and appreciation to our esteem customers with a pre-Christmas Sale on all the costumed made REVO monster exhaust!!! From our top seller REVO Monster 6” 2-1 and the 5” 2-1 Exhaust to the beautiful anodized BOSS 6” 2-1 Exhaust, you will find the pre Christmas Sale a great timing to upgrade your M109r. For every purchase on our REVO exhaust, we are giving away a REVO Engine Cover $125+REVO Servo Eliminator $68+ REVO O2 Eliminator $39 a total of $232 for free!!! If you’d like to start the holiday season with a brand new look and awesome sound on your bike, you will find our pre-Christmas Sale an exceptional bargain, saving you with more than $230 worth of the give-away value and as always, free shipping and one-year guarantee on all our exhausts.

It doesn’t matter how long you keep your Christmas lights on your front porch in advance, you won’t find a more reasonable deal than our pre-Christmas Sale. The excitement in upgrading your precious M109R is always in season for all riders at REVO-CYCLES, and other products are on discount now. Please check out our website www.revo-cycles.com for more info.