• Air intake

    REVO intake system is now being developed, and will be soon coming for sale, please follow our newest info. Currently we have a Simota filter, effects and performance beyond K & N.
  • Cooling

    Most of the heavy bikes are made for the cold zone. However, the globing warming makes the temperature increased fast than ever. Therefore, what you need is to improve your cooling system in order to extend the life of your ride.
  • Chassis

    We are now developping new models for the relevant parts and components of chasses, such as tires, aluminum wheels, shock absorbers and etc. Please follow our newest info.
  • Casual Wear

    All the patch models are authorized by the original inventer with copy-rights. Hence, if you have any ideas or you are willing to produce the club member's badges, please contact us.
  • Electrical

    REVO had developped composition monitoring instruments with numerous models of digital oil thermometer, water thermometer which make your ride possesed with a prominent sense of technology.
  • Exterior

    All the relevant parts of bike shells and fenders are sorted here. Right now, we majorly provides the models of FRP, but will soonly increase the amount of models, including 300 tire fender kit.
  • Exhaust

    With our manufacturing experience of more than a decade, our exhaust system is quietest models with high performance for both the street version and Drag pipe.
  • Lighting

    No matter it is the Head light, Taillight, or LED strip and Knight Rider LED, our products are made only for a certain bike model to ensure its safety and service life.