“NEW” REVO MEGA 4″ Slip-On Mufflers!

Newly developed classic cone-shape muffler with outstanding performance and astonishing sound!

REVO MEGA 4″ slip-on muffler

For M109R/M1800R use only.

 REVO have been working on developing exhaust for M109R riders many years. We got 2-1 cannon 5″, 2-1 monster 6″ and good reputation in this field, in 2018 we represent our new product which is REVO MEGA 4″ slip-on muffler.  


• Sound astonishing and aggressive, make your M109R sound like a sport bike!
• MEGA 4” slip-on used DuPont Teflon or four-step chrome-plating process.
• 4″ full steel chromed or DuPont Teflon muffler body, stock size fit M109r perfectly
• Design to keep catalyst
• Different from REVO monster 6”, MEGA4” specialize in horsepower increase and quick throttle response.
• When installing MEGA slip-on muffler you need to modify front exhaust pipe(down)
• All necessary mounting hardware and instructions included ensuring problem-free installation.
• Made in USA and processing in Taiwan.


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